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Getting Started With Producing Music

Here are a few quick steps to getting started with your music career or music hobby.



Get a DAW, VST Plugins and Audio equipment

Get to know your DAW, music plugins, VSTs, microphone, audio interface and whatever else you will be using to create music. Read your manuals and guides.


Create, Write and Produce Music

Get creative and make your tracks. This involves recording, editing, arranging, mixing and leveling.


Master the Music

Get your tracks and audio to the accepted levels. For CD release go for around -8 LUFS on the final master and for music streaming like Spotify and Apple go for around -14 LUFS on the final master, however -12 LUFS is ok.


Release and Promote your Music

Find a music publisher to get your music out to the public.  Then get your promo kit and PR information out to the social media networks, radio stations, and press release platforms.

We Love Music


With over 20 years music experience, we have gathered a list with super short reviews of our top free vst downloads and paid vst plugins for music production. We have tried almost everything out there and we want to keep it clean and simple for getting the right stuff for producing music.
Whether you need music software for Mac, Windows, Abelton Live, FL Studio, Logic, Pro Tools, and anything in between, we got ya covered! We at Pro Music Help provide information for Music Plugins, VSTs, Software, DAW, Classes, Courses, Hardware, Tips and Advice to help you get in the right direction for music making.

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“A great website and over view of the best top Music plugins and vsts. And some great audio interfaces too.”

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About Us

With over 20 years in the global music industry (Europe, Germany, Norway, USA and Canada) we have gathered a list of the best plugins, vsts, music software, daws, microphones, audio interfaces and more.  If you wish to get in touch with us, please contact us here.