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Below is a list of free vst plugins downloads and paid vst plugins.


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A DAW – or Digital Audio Workstation – is the primary software for music making. This is where you record and arrange tracks, add effects, mix, and sometimes even master your music. Most professional studios and producers use paid software such as: Logic, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Cubase, etc.

Best FREE DAW Music Producing Software

For those looking for a free DAW studio, here are a few worth mentioning:

Apple GarageBand (Mac only

Tracktion Waveform Free

Cakewalk by BandLab

Studio One Prime

Best DAW Music Producing Software

FL Studio – One of the worlds most popular DAW

Logic – One of the industries most popular professional DAW.

Abelton Live – Also a very popular DJ DAW for producing and DJing.

Pro Tools – Popular professional DAW


Some other DAWs worth mentioning:

Instrument VST and Synth VST Plugin


A Synth VST or Instrument Plugin is used inside your DAW to emulate real music hardware Instruments..

Best Free Instrument and Synth VST Plugins

Guitar and Bass Vst plugin.

Synth Vst Plugins.

U-he tyrelln6 synth.

U-he podolski synth.

TAL noisemaker synth.

Best Synth Instrument VST Music Plugins

Tal U NO LX by Tal – Juno Synth Vst

Bassline 101 by Tal – Bass Vst

Mini V, LAB and Pigments by Arturia – Mini V for Bass, Lab for all instruments and synths, Pigments for Synth

Diva by U-he – Synth

DCO 106 and Mercury 4 by Cherry Audio – Juno Synth and Jupiter Synth

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Saturation VST and Distortion VST


A Saturation VST or distortion plugin is used to create harmonics and or to distort the sound.

Best Free Saturation Distortion Effects and VST Plugins

IVGI by Klanghelm – Another favorite is the IVGI saturation and distortion plugin from Klanghelm.

Saturation knob by Softube – An effective easy to use distortion and saturation effect plugin.

Krush by Tritik – We really love this plugin as it offers alot of settings and parameters to get that perfect or unperfect effect.

Best Saturation Distortion Effects and VST plugins

Abbey Saturator by Waves – Awesome saturation plugin.

Kramer Master Tape by Waves – Great tape saturation and distortion vst plugin.

Black Box HG2MS – Quality saturation and distortion plugin.

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Reverb VST Plugin


A Reverb VST is used to create space and dimention to the sound.

Best Free Reverb Effects and VST Plugins

Tal – Some really great reverbs.

U-he – Nice free reverb.

Valhalla – Super popular flexible reverb with lots of options.

Best Reverb VST Plugin and Effects

Arturia reverb – Awesome sounding plate reverb for vocals, drums and much more.

Relab reverb – Great classic sounding quality reverb.

Softube reverb – Another favourite reverb with quality sound.

Toneboosters reverb – Quality reverb with lots of flexibility.

SSL Reverb FlexVerb – Ultra smooth professional reverb.

Delay VST


A Delay VST is used to create space and dimention to the sound.

Best Free Delay Effects and VST Plugins

Dub 3 by Tal – Great flexible delay plugin.

Best Delay Effects and VST Music Plugins

Dubstation by Audio Damage – Popular delay.

Tape Echos by Softube – Analog delay.

Delay Tape 201 by Arturia – Analoge delay.



An EQ VST is used to modify and tweak frequencies in the audio spectrum.

Best Free Equalizer VST Plugins

Luftikus EQ – Maag style EQ plugin.

Warmy EP1A EQ – Pultec Analog style EQ plugin.

Best Equalizer VST Plugins

Knif Audio Soma Equalizer – Top quality mastering EQ vst.

Toneboosters Equalizer – Smart and flexible dynamic EQ vst.

Compressor VST


A Compressor plugin is used to control the dynamics of a sound.

Best Free Compressor effects and vst plugins

Roughrider – Super flexible compressor with so many options.

OTT – Great sounding compressor and expander with simple to use options.

Best Compressor vst plugin and effects

SSL G-Master Buss Compressor by Waves – A classic must have compressor.

Comp FET 76 by Arturia – A really solid compressor.

Drawmer S73 Intelligent Master Processor by Softube – Smart Mastering plugin with many options.

Stereo VST


A Stereo Plugin VST is used to widen or narrow the sound.

Best Free Stereo Widening VST Plugins and Effects

Wider – Great stereo widening effect with no phase.

Best Stereo Widening vst Effects and Plugins

S1 by Waves – Stereo imager for making sounds wider or narrow.

BX Control V2 – Mono Maker and Stereo Width control.

Mastering VST Plugins


A Mastering Plugin VST is used to enhance, correct and or sweeten the final mix sound.

Best Free Mastering Tools and VST Plugins

Youlean metering and level checking – level and volume monitoring tool.

Hornet – Italian vst plugin maker:

Best Mastering Tools and Plugin VSTs

Waves – Industry standard with loads of plugins.

Softube – One of our favorites offering analogue vst plugins.

Mastering – Top Rated VST Music Plugins

Samples and Loops


Music Samples and Loops are used inside your DAW for midi and the sampler.

Best Free Loops and Samples

Goldbaby – Great selection for free samples.

Legowelt – Creative free sample selection.

Samples from Mars – Very interesing samples.

Bandlab – Big selection of samples.

Best Loops and Samples

Loopmasters – Super big library of top level quality samples and loops.

Loopcloud – Samples and loops in the cloud, inside your DAW.

Splice – Great selection of samples and loops for many genres.

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Microphones are used for recording audio such as voice, intruments, sounds, etc.

Best Microphones for Audio and Music Recording

Shure SM58 Microphone – A classic that works, with high quality results.

Audio Interfaces


An Audio Interface  is used for recording vocals, intruments and also playing midi such as a keyboard or midi controller.

Best Audio Interface

Arturia Minifuse

Focusrite Scarlett

Music Producing Courses


Music courses, tutorials and Masterclasses help you develop and improve your music production game.

Best Free Music Producing Tutorials, Masterclass and Course

Waves music tutorials tips and tricks.

Youtube – FireWalk (short, simple and straight to the point music production tutorials).

Youtube – In the Mix (simplifying the recording, production, mixing and mastering process).

Youtube – Inflight Muzik (music theory, sound design, mixing and mastering).

Best Music Producing Course, Masterclass and Tutorials

Loopmaster music course.

Electronic Music Production Courses from

Worth Mentioning


Here are some more good VST Plugin freebies.

Bonus Free Music Producing VST Plugins

Hornet – Italian vst plugin maker:

Nemrini Audio – Specializes in digital reproduction of analog saturation vst plugin circuits:

Analog Obsession – A super cool and amazing plugin developer with quality analog plugin effects:

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